What do you need to know about Twitter Polls?

News 12:06 June 2018:

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What are Twitter Polls?

These let Twitter users to join or participate in answering the questions that were posed by other users on Twitter. In addition, you could easily make your poll and view the outcomes immediately.

What about when you are voting in a Twitter poll?

For you to participate in a Twitter poll, you need to consider the following:

You only need to tap or click your selected option at the time you view a poll in a tweet. Take in mind that the outcomes are urgently shown after the time you vote. Essentially, your selected option is marked with a “checkmark” that can be seen rightbeside the option.

How many times can you vote in a poll?

You can only vote in a poll for one time. It is essential to know that the present vote count total plus the amount of remaining time in the poll are shown underneath the poll options.

What about if you wish to view the final outcomes?

In general, a twitter poll ends relying on the period of time that is set by the user who posted it. It is worth noting that the winning option is indicated in bold. You may obtain a push notification that notifies you regarding the final outcomes if you partake in a poll.

What if I would like to partake in a poll privately, is it possible?

Your participation is not displayed to others when you partake in a poll. In the same way, neither participants nor the creator of the poll can view who has participated or how they voted. This means that you do not need to worry about your privacy in terms of what option you partake in. All polls are anonymous.

The Fundamentals of Twitter Polls

  • Twitter polls are restricted to 4-answer options. They only have a 24-day lifespan.
  • How you voted is not displayed publicly which obviously conveys that nobody will be able to what option you selected.
  • It is possible for anyone to participate directly by means of a retweet.
  • Tweeters are notified with regards to the duration of time left to vote as well as the number of people who have already voted.
  • The results of the poll are seen in percentage.
  • Polls can be liked and retweeted through tapping the heart icon (note this is not favorited).
  • At the time the poll is already completed, the outcomes can be viewed publicly.
  • The creator of poll cannot vote in his or her own poll.

Creating a poll in Twitter is quite simple. You are ready to start so long as you see the new poll icon which is located next to location and media found in your status update box.

The process of creating a poll on the web functions precisely the same manner on a mobile. All you need to do is to type your tweet that clearly explains what you are attempting to poll; from there you only need to tap or click the poll button, then ensure to fill in your 2 options and you’re done.