Target your Audience

News 02:05 May 2020:

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You need to know whom you are attracting on social media. This requires you to conduct some research. Do not hear the word research and shy away from the situation. The research is just on small scale. Find out who makes up the major part of your followers. Is it your family, is it your friends, is it the general public, is it working class people or is it religious people? You need to answer this question to allow you to target your audience for those Instagram likes.

Once you have found out what most of your followers are, keep on posting content that is relevant to them. Post things that they will be able to relate to and things that will pick their interest.  This is how you will get those many Instagram likes that you want. You need to understand that liking something comes from an emotional point of view. This then means for you to get those likes, you need to learn how to emotionally appeal to your audience. Do not just post each and everything that you come across; ensure that your audience can relate to it first.