Reasons why your likes and or followers disappear

News 03:05 May 2020:

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As you might have realized, sometimes Twitter likes disappear and leave account owners wondering what really happened.  This in essence can be quite confusing and a little explanation will go along way to make people understand what really happens.  If you have lost followers or likes then you need to read on.  Most people on Twitter are crying out loud for attention and are always looking for people to like them or follow them.

If for one reason or another they do not receive that, they take offence and opt out and disappear.  This in essence is really not your problem.  This is what is called follower culling algorithm.  Twitter interestingly and unknown to too many people is full of hate mongers.  If you do not follow or like their comment, they take their revenge immediately by withdrawing.

So do not be surprised if your Twitter likes and numbers decrease, the administration are always hot on the heels of these hate mobs or mongers and each time they catch up with them their account is suspended explaining the reduction.