How do Automatic Likes and Automatic Favorites work?

News 02:05 May 2020:

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Unless you are a top celebrity or public figure, most people start off on social networks like twitter with very few followers. Your first few tweets attract almost no likes, but the figures start rising as you learn how this network operates. In some cases however, someone may still not get many likes even after months of following many people; which tempts them to buy automatic likes and automatic favorites.

It is a quick procedure using your credit card, and in most cases you get the likes and favorites within ten minutes. The people who sell these likes and favorites use special applications that are then linked to your account once you subscribe for their services. How safe the services are depend mostly on who you buy the likes and favorites from. There are several already popular sellers on the Internet whom you can reach out to and get the likes. Finally, who can buy automatic likes and automatic favorites? Everyone is allowed to buy the likes as long as you have a working twitter account.

4 Types of Tweets you can Leverage To attract Multiple Automatic Favorites

You can tweet pretty much anything on twitter. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of tweets that can attract you the attention and the engagement you probably would wish for. You could tweet a drawing you made for instance, but it may only attract more automatic favorites if you added some texts to it, right? Well, tweeting and attracting favorites on your account isn’t guided by the number of followers you have, but by the creativity you add while tweeting in the following five ways.

Adding Links to Tweets

Do tweets with links attract more automatic favorites than normal tweets? This is a question social media experts have been struggling to get answer. But ideally, more people will favorite a tweet with a link than they will do with normal tweets. For one, adding a tweet with a link as a favorite lets you bookmark it and open it later. On the contrary, you can always like or retweet any other post if it impressed you and you wish to react at it. However, it is not every link that attracts a favorite. People only favorite the most valuable tweet. In most cases, the valuable tweets often give a promise or give a preview of what readers can expect from your link.

Showing Value with Image Tweets

Want your image tweets to get you more automatic favorites? Give your followers a reason to favorite them. Twitter is a bit different from Instagram when it comes to the use of images. On the latter for instance, a simple image with a few hash tags could get you a few hundred likes. On twitter however, people would better like and scroll through their feeds, unless it is a very valuable image. With this in mind, never forget to caption your image tweet. If possible also, try to tell a story around the image, so that people can see what’s different and worth favoriting in your image.

Retweet only the Most Valuable Tweets

It is a bit difficult to get favorites from a tweet you shared, unless it contains everything your followers love. After all, why would someone like or even favorite a post that does not interest them? People like and favorite for a reason, remember? With that in mind, limit the posts you share to only topics that are related to what you tweet on a daily basis. And to ensure you are disciplined with your retweets, follow people who inspire you in the areas of life you like tweeting.


Quotes have the power to get you hundreds of favorites, but only if you use them wisely. Inspirational quotes for instance touch on areas people love to hear about. This in turn makes them favorite such tweets more often than any other posts. And the good thing with quotes is that there are almost infinite. You only need to choose the most appropriate one, tweet it at the right time and don’t forget to mention who said it.