Reasons why your likes and or followers disappear

As you might have realized, sometimes Twitter likes disappear and leave account owners wondering what really happened.  This in essence can be quite confusing and a little explanation will go along way to make people understand what really happens.  If you have lost followers or likes then you need to read on.  Most people on Twitter are crying out loud for attention and are always looking for people to like them or follow them.

If for one reason or another they do not receive that, they take offence and opt out and disappear.  This in essence is really not your problem.  This is what is called follower culling algorithm.  Twitter interestingly and unknown to too many people is full of hate mongers.  If you do not follow or like their comment, they take their revenge immediately by withdrawing.

So do not be surprised if your Twitter likes and numbers decrease, the administration are always hot on the heels of these hate mobs or mongers and each time they catch up with them their account is suspended explaining the reduction.


How Risky is Social Panel?

Social panel is a good avenue to buy followers and get better views on your content. It can be used by anyone who wishes to increase their online presence for instance internet marketers, business person’s or even celebrities and people in the entertainment business. The effect buying followers has is that more people get to follow you. One of the risks of this is that you get followers who are inactive. This may not seem as risky at first but it is. One argument is that the followers may be a spam account which means that they may not be permanent. No one would want to have a lot of followers one day and then have the number decline after a while.

Other than that, spam followers from twitter resellers and panel for instagram could cause your account to get into trouble. This is because the twitter and instagram platforms have checkers that look for spam accounts which are normally terminated. If most of your followers are spam accounts then it follows that his will raise a red flag with the operators.

Target your Audience

You need to know whom you are attracting on social media. This requires you to conduct some research. Do not hear the word research and shy away from the situation. The research is just on small scale. Find out who makes up the major part of your followers. Is it your family, is it your friends, is it the general public, is it working class people or is it religious people? You need to answer this question to allow you to target your audience for those Instagram likes.

Once you have found out what most of your followers are, keep on posting content that is relevant to them. Post things that they will be able to relate to and things that will pick their interest.  This is how you will get those many Instagram likes that you want. You need to understand that liking something comes from an emotional point of view. This then means for you to get those likes, you need to learn how to emotionally appeal to your audience. Do not just post each and everything that you come across; ensure that your audience can relate to it first.

4 Reasons every Business should join Instagram; and it is not about the likes

Successful business people always care about the future of their businesses. They are ever coming up with ways to beat competition in the market. And with today’s social media world, there is no better place to market your brand than on a social network that that can show and tell people what your business is about. If you are a food company for instance, join instagram and showcase your best delicacies to the people of your city. And the good thing is that the use of has tags can easily help you connect with people who are most likely to be your customers.
On instagram, you don’t have to worry about surpassing the allowed number of words, and you certainly don’t have to worry about high advertisement fees. What can really take your business to the next level is the level of commitment you give to your business on instagram. Don’t get feel satisfied once you get a hundred instagram likes, but push on until these likes are turned into real customers.

Struggling To Get Exposure on Social Media? Try Free Likes

One of the hardest things to achieve when it comes to social media is usually to get that exposure to the world. For those that are just starting out on sites like snapchat, Instagram and even twitter, you will find that it is very hard to publicize your account perhaps later on when you have established ground on the site. However, the secret is usually in the content that you share on your timeline, if it is well liked, many people start showing interest in you and the more likes that you get the more the exposure you accord your account.

But you can always achieve that by buying free likes for your account. If you could find a well reputed and renowned dealer who can provide you will legitimate likes for your posts, it would be wise for you to purchase them especially if your account is a platform for social media marketing. However, always be careful to note that purchasing free likes is usually illegal in the sense that most terms and conditions of use for most media sites are against it and the offenders stand a risk of being banned or suspended.

Why Not to Buy but Use Free Followers

Most people will get a good deal about buying followers so as to boost their account. What they do not know is that it has its downfalls. Most of these people do not ask any questions but just rush into it. The fact that social media users want more followers is one that is true. We want to have more people see us or see what we post. Getting free followers may be a bit tougher than buying but there are various disadvantages to buying too.

One is that you will only have a few people engaging you on the platforms. This gives you a low edge-rank score. Buying numbers cannot help you get people that are able to communicate e.t.c. They are like ghost followers. It could be a spamming scheme. You may end up spamming the people already following you even without knowing. You could also lose your integrity and the reputation of our account will be compromised. The system operators are continually improving security settings and you could be found out. This makes strategizing to get free followers less risky.

Are You Struggling To Get Your Posts Liked? Try Automatic Likes

Perhaps you have been struggling to get your posts liked by many people on Facebook, twitter or even on Instagram and you are wondering what exactly you are going to do to increase the number of likes. Well, it is very important that you ensure that your posts are very amusing an interesting and are going to interest as many as possible. But apart from that you can always take a bold step and invest in automatic likes for your account in as much as it may sound a little bit not practical and unconventional to you.

What people do not realize is the fact that they can be able to attract more likes for their posts just buy purchasing automatic likes. The trend on social media has always been that people will always follow the masses and if they notice that you are well liked, they would not find any reason not to like your posts either, after all, many people are already liking your posts right? So that is how it works and you don’t have to struggle with few likes anymore.

How Twitter Polls Can Help You Increase Traffic On Your Account

There is usually nothing much more thrilling than having a high rate of traffic flow on your twitter account. As a matter of fact, it puts out your account there in the know and therefore accessible to as many people as possible. With the new development that twitter has made known as twitter polls, you will be in a position to even make your account much more publicized across the whole social media platform and will make you very famous.

Twitter polls play a very important role in helping you gather information from the massive twitter audience and by giving them 4 answer options to choose from, you get to increase your engagement with them as well. By retweeting your polls and also pinning them so that they can always appear top of your timeline, you are able to increase the voting which in turns increases the traffic on your account as well. So if you have been looking for a way to publicize your account effectively, try out the polling feature and see the relish the results afterwards. It’s that simple.

Try Interacting Instead of Choosing To Buy Twitter Likes.

There are various ways to interact on Twitter that will guarantee you to grow and know more people via your account. If you are unable to buy Twitter likes to build your account from the available vendors, then it is time maybe you try regular interactions with your current followers. Try these;

Whenever your username is mentioned, it is only appropriate to acknowledge by replying to the one who tagged you in the tweet. To include you in the tweet, it means they cared for you so replying it is a sign of appreciation.

Retweeting; this is the backbone of Twitter on sharing of information. Always make a point of retweeting other users tweets regularly in a consistency manner. It means you value the information posted, and you would not mind sharing it with your followers who may not have come across it.

Communicate with famous tweeps already on this platform. If you get noticed by them, they will help you get gain popularity on Twitter without paying anything. They will share your information on their timelines and ask their followers to like and follow you. Why should you buy twitter likes if you have all these at your disposal?f1

Surprising Ideas that could get you more Twitter Likes

You’ve probably read dozens of blog posts about how to increase twitter likes with your posts, right? Some of the posts may have offered you helpful tips, but I bet you would still want to know how to get more likes. And if that is the case, read this article to the end. It contains only unique and unexpected ideas you could add to your tweets and make people want to like your post even more.

Mention your Location in a Relevant Tweet

Yes, seriously. You could attract a few more likes by simply mentioning where you are at the moment as you send the tweet. Think of a tweet about the beautiful sunset in New York during the summer for instance. Anyone in New York enjoying the same sunset as you will probably like the tweet as a sign of acknowledgement. However, if you sent the same tweet without mentioning your location could probably have attracted very few likes.

Acknowledge Trendy Products, shows or People in your tweets

Are you are a trendy person? Do you know of a great product you would love to share with your twitter followers? Go ahead and mention it. You would be surprised at how many people loved the same product or trendy fashion style as you but fail to tweet about it? And if you are especially creative in how praise or acknowledge a trendy product, you could be in for the highest number of twitter likes if you have ever received.f2

Participate in Celebrity Tweets

If you can’t help but enjoy when you receive many likes on twitter; you would be delighted to see how popular you could be by engaging with celebrity tweets. After all, most people only flock to comment and reply in their favorite celebrity’s tweet and they will give a like to every comment or reply that reflects their feelings about the topic of discussion. On the other hand, participating in tweets related to big brands and major news networks could also attract you thousands of likes. However, this can only happen if you are creative and relevant with your tweets. Also, it helps to mention the celebrity in question and including the hash tags being used if you want many people in the thread to view your tweet.

Mention Authors when your share a Link

Authors may not be the most followed people on twitter, but some of them often command a huge following. When you share a blog post therefore, make sure you include the author’s name in your tweet. It could attract all the author’s followers into your tweet, and this could get you moretwitterlikes that you may anticipate. Sometimes even the author’s popularity alone is enough to get you a few likes from people who recognize them.

In conclusion, there are many ideas on how to attractlikes to your tweets; and some of these ideas may not be as complex as you may think.












How the automated likes system will increase your profile online

Do you know remaining cool on social media does not have to be hard and tedious. How have others managed to stay so cool and focused in this jungle without loosing it?  You can choose today to make your profile visible through automatic likes.  This is the secret most people never get to tell you.  You too can choose from now to do so.  It is not a difficult task nor complicated as people make it believe.  It only takes a few minutes to become relevant in social media and stay so.

There is total peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to struggle finding likes.  Automatic likes is so convenient and the best way to remain relevant.  When applying for the same ensure that you get a provider that will not require you to give them your password.  You should also take time and read their terms and conditions.  A provider should be able to keep your details without selling them to a third party.  If you are able to identify the same then you will be home and quite dry.

How do Automatic Likes and Automatic Favorites work?

Unless you are a top celebrity or public figure, most people start off on social networks like twitter with very few followers. Your first few tweets attract almost no likes, but the figures start rising as you learn how this network operates. In some cases however, someone may still not get many likes even after months of following many people; which tempts them to buy automatic likes and automatic favorites.

It is a quick procedure using your credit card, and in most cases you get the likes and favorites within ten minutes. The people who sell these likes and favorites use special applications that are then linked to your account once you subscribe for their services. How safe the services are depend mostly on who you buy the likes and favorites from. There are several already popular sellers on the Internet whom you can reach out to and get the likes. Finally, who can buy automatic likes and automatic favorites? Everyone is allowed to buy the likes as long as you have a working twitter account.

Choosing The Best Automatic likes and Automatic Favorites Providers in The Market.

The increased demand for automatic likes and automatic favorites from companies marketing on Twitter has seen an increase in the providers too. There are those delivering results as expected while others are in the business to get quick money regardless of the client satisfaction. To avoid falling for such crooks in the industry, always consider the following two tips when sourcing for a vendor;

The methods used; though you will be paying a huge amount, always go for organic methods when purchasing automatic favorites. Let the account look natural that it will attract more followers and cultivate good engagements at all times. On a cost-benefit analysis, opting for this method is of great value in the long run when the numbers start being replicated on the sales made.f1

Pricing; when looking to purchase automatic likes, there are packages in place from different vendors. It is important to research and compare the best rates in the market coupled with quality. High prices do not mean that it is the best service in the current market. Compare and settle for an efficient package that will fit your budget and be of advantage to you.

What’s wrong with buying a few Automatic Favorites?

If you are like most people on twitter; you probably wished getting more followers and more favorites on your tweets was as easy as celebrities make it look. Imagine if you only had to send a few tweets in a day and everyone who follows you retweeted and favorite your posts. But wait, it is possible to get many favorites and retweets if you can pay a few dollars. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this strategy, and they probably have good reasons.


Some people believe that engaging with other users once you make a tweet is of more importance than simply having multiple favorites on your tweets. And unless you are on a competition with someone else to see who gets popular faster on the platform, seeking for engagement looks more important. Yes, having many automatic favorites on your posts may boost your popularity, but if you want to listen to these followers and gain important information from them; buying favorites and retweets doesn’t seem like a good idea.f2


Having fake accounts favorite your tweets doesn’t really make you feel better. It only makes other people think that you are popular, in which case you know you are not. But then, why deceive yourself and everyone else you would love respect you? In any case, it only makes assessing your twitter metrics become difficult. For example, how will you know how many of your genuine twitter followers favorited your tweets? How will you know if a new strategy you are implementing is working if all you do is buy more likes and favorites?

Well, most people who buy automatic favorites usually are already aware that they won’t inspire any engagement in their tweets. They are usually after the few but very important benefits that come with having the most popular tweet in your location. Here are some of these benefits.

More Visibility

Yes, there may be few people commenting on your highly favorited tweet, but the visibility it gives you could inspire thousands of people to follow you. Here is why. While some people choose to engage with your content on twitter, most people don’t get the time to do so. As such, they only view the most liked and favorited tweet; follow the person who tweeted it and then hope they would get such content again. It looks impossible, but most people really value tweets with a high number of favorites, and they will open a link to such a tweet more often than any other post.

You Rank higher on Twitter

Here is another reason you would want to continue buying a few automatic favoritesevery day. Twitter ranks the most popular tweets higher, and such more people will get to see your brand and probably follow you. This makes buying a few favorites regularly look like a great strategy towards attracting more potential customers.

Finally to website owners, buying favorites can hugely increase your website social proof, as more people tend to open links from tweets with high favorites and likes.









The Integrity Question on buying twitter Likes

The world is diverse. It is full of people with different backgrounds, different cultures, different religions, and different levels of education and so on and so forth. Basically, the one thing that is coming out very clearly in this whole scenario is that fact that we are all different. This is why you will hear people say that one man’s meat is poison to the next man.

This is no doubt why the question arises on whether or not integrity is compromised when one chooses to buy twitter likes. There are those who are of the opinion that integrity becomes highly compromised because you create a perception that is in no way close to reality. You send the message to the twitter world that you have a large following when in the real sense you are enjoying system generated likes. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and belief but we Laos need to be objective. This is social media; whether or not you have a large following is not a matter of life and death. It is just a matter of having fun and getting to enjoy the good things in life and it should be treated as just that. Life is already hard enough; there is no need to trivialize everything.

How Successful Digital Marketers get Lots of Free Likes and Followers

The realm of social media marketing can be a big success or a flop depending on the strategies you utilize. People who attract many free likes and free followers have several outstanding characteristics that help them get through the many critics found on any social media network. To start with, they are creative. Check all the leading brands in the world and look at their Facebook and Instagram posts. They are all unique and interesting. If you also want to market your small business and succeed in social media networks, you need to be creative.

No matter how much someone may hate you, they will like a creative post that has meaningful content. Great marketers on twitter also know how to use infographics. Using diagrams and numbers is efficient because people are interested in diagrams and numbers in a very great way. They will follow you just to see how you explain your numbers in relations to the real world. However, note that most people don’t like advertisers. And to succeed on any social media network therefore, you will need to use some of the techniques people love to see and read about to make them feel interested in your product.

Ending the Likes Frustration on Social Media

Do you find yourself checking your social media pages every five minutes after posting something? Do you usually just get frustrated every time that you check? If the answers to the above questions are yes, chances are high that you do not get likes for everything that you post. You see your friends posting photos and status and they get many likes immediately but that is not the story in your case. You will rarely get a like or you will get just one or two; the highest number that you have ever hit is ten. Well, here is how you put an end to all these frustration.

You have tried the conventional way, you have been patient, you have put in all the required effort but it is not just working for you. It is now time to go a different route and get you automatic likes. With these likes, you will find that anything you post will immediately get a likes.  You will no longer have to wait for people to give you the first like. The benefits will in fact be two fold as people will start noticing these likes that trickle onto your profile every time you post something and their curiosity will be picked. They will also start checking your profile and this is how you will also begin getting many likes; just ensure that you are posting interesting content.